About Elissa

Elissa Sommers is CEO and head designer of Elissar Couture. Elissa is a fourth generation jeweler, studied at GIA and has a Bachelors of Science from University of California Riverside. She closely works with and has been trained by her father on the art of jewelry making. From all her experience, her main goal is to design fashionable everyday jewelry, that is also good quality. Every piece is made in the USA, Los Angeles CA to be exact.

Why buy Elissar?


All our jewelry is designed, cast, set, and prepared in Los Angeles CA. We only use solid 14 Karat gold and high quality diamonds and gemstones


When you order with Elissar Couture you are helping an up and coming business. Also, we have 100% satisfaction guarantee and will strive to make all our clients happy. 


You are a lover of all things jewelry and fashion. You know a hot item when you see it! Shop on jewelry lovers. 

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